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There's a big misconception that people who are really outgoing get all the breaks.

Outgoing people:

  • Have the best relationships
  • Have no fear
  • Are always in a good mood
  • Have confident, happy children
  • Are ok with speaking up and sharing their opinion

But you don't have to be outgoing to have an amazingly successful life.





People always ask me where I get my confidence... well, I didn't always have the confidence I have today; I had to work at it.

Yes, I've been in tons of fitness videos and infomercials (I actually hold a World Record for this now), but when I first started out, I was embarrassed to tell people what I did.

I created a workout program that was getting people results, and I wanted to share it with the world, but I refused to be in my own workout videos.

In my head I was saying "You're too short, you're not thin enough, you don't look the part, and no one will take you seriously..."

Until one day, one of the cast members didn't show up for a video shoot, and I had to be in the video.

With this experience, I realized I had to learn how to change my thinking. I found that confidence is just like a muscle; it can be strengthened with the right exercises. That's what I'm sharing with you in the Courageous Confidence Club.

What if I could coach you every step of the way?

What if you had a completely new, amazing group of friends? A circle of people who wanted nothing more than for you to feel confident and supported. That's what the Courageous Confidence Club is all about.

Hear what members of the

Courageous Confidence Club have to say...

These are the stories that get me more and more excited about how quickly people can change. People no longer call themselves shy, and they don't have anxiety about social settings. It's possible to eliminate negative self talk and overcome self doubt when you have the exercises and support you need!

Johanna Gonzalez

If there was somebody I wanted to meet, before, I would just hide and run, but now, it's like, "You know what? I am worth it." I am able to go up there and talk to them, and ask them questions, introduce myself. It's just the fear that's holding you back from meeting such a wonderful person.

Johanna Gonzalez
Kara Heckaman

As soon as I took the Courageous Confidence Club course, I was offered a public speaking opportunity on stage. A year ago, I would have been the girl in the back, who didn't want to look at anyone or talk to anyone, sitting in the corner. Now, I'm on stage speaking, and I had assurance and confidence that I could do that, that I was worth doing that.

Kara Heckaman
Shalon Ironroad

HUGE thank you to Chalene Johnson for this course. Thanks to what I learned, I finally found the courage to finish writing my BOOK!

Shalon Ironroad
Rebecca Ingebrigtsen

Because of the Courageous Confidence Club, I am more confident in social settings, I’ve traveled across the country ALONE to begin a new journey, and now I am running my own business from home! I can barely believe my life.

Rebecca Ingebrigtsen

Overcome Self Doubt & Gain Unstoppable Confidence

Why not you? Why not now?

Why call it a club?

Because confidence is contagious, and I wanted to create a positive space for like-minded people to lift each other up.

In the Courageous Confidence Club, you learn how to communicate in a way that not only builds your confidence but also builds confidence in the people around you.

I also wanted to make this available to everyone. That's why I made it a virtual club that anyone can do from anywhere at their own pace. It's just like logging into a college course...except this time, not only will you access your course materials, you'll become part of a club full of supportive, positive people!

What's Included In The Courageous Confidence Club...

There are 7 modules
Think of them as lesson plans.

I've designed this the same way I design an exercise program. In each stage, you get a little bit stronger, and each time you go through a new lesson...YOU BECOME MORE CONFIDENT!

In these lessons, you will learn how this program works, a little about your personality and why we do the things we do, as well as the science behind it all.

This is like the "nutrition" part of a program - it's the stuff you need to feed your brain with in order to gain more confidence and make these changes stick.

In this section, you will learn exercises that help you create more confidence in all areas of your life. The exercises come in 3 phases with each phase getting a little more involved.

Once you're in this phase, you're going to start to believe that you can do anything. You'll learn the 4 different types of confidence because, you see, some of you are confident in almost every area of your life, but there's this 1 little segment where you're holding yourself back because you don't have confidence there.

You're going to love this phase because it answers those questions that allow you to make decisions where you don't question yourself. In this phase, you're going to know exactly how to measure your own progress and to make decisions where you have complete confidence that it was the right thing at the right time.

I want you to start phase 4 immediately, because this is every single lesson on audio. It's the coaching that you need to change the way you think. When we change the way we think, we change our beliefs. When we change our beliefs, we change our lives. You can listen to them when you workout. You can listen to them while you're getting ready in the morning.

Now this one is amazing. We created a private Facebook group, and again, this is why it's so important, it's a club, because now you're going to have this circle of people around you who are there with 1 common interest. To make each other feel confident and supported and to become courageously confident.

  • 3 Steps to a C.R.A.F.F.L. (Crazy, Ridiculous, Amazing, Fun-Filled Life)
  • How to make room for your dream life
  • Secret of single subject school days
  • Partner with your partner.
  • PLUS Motivation and ENERGY on Demand audio training and show notes.
  • BRAND NEW BONUS! - How to Crush It & Still Be Happy - In this video I share the 8 steps I had to learn, so I could actually be happy. Happiness is a skill and most people dont realize it. How can you have this much stress and truly say you're happy. In this lesson, you will learn the 8 critical steps that anyone can master so that you can finally have peace.
  • Body Confidence - With this bonus, you'll learn the best tips and practices to improve your body confidence. Your body does not define your value. Today is the day to end that war!

Use the tips in this video and the audio included here to help raise confident kids.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

With the Courageous Confidence Club, there's no risk! If after 7 days, you don't feel like this is the right program for you, just turn in your homework, and we will give you a full refund.

Arielle Van Deusen

Courageous Confidence helped me take a major step that would free up some of my time. Sunday was my last day working at one of my part time jobs. I was there for over 7 years and was the first job that I ever quit. It was a tough decision but one that I knew I had to make.

Arielle Van Deusen
Kelly Krettlin

I got a job promotion!!! And I had the courage to negotiate a better pay and setup with that promotion because I know I'm worth it thanks to the Courageous Confidence Club.

Kelly Krettlin
Michelle Morgan

I tried online dating for the first time EVER. I'm no longer afraid to get back into the dating world.

Michelle Morgan
Cindy Marks

I home-schooled five children, and my youngest was about to graduate. I was about to go back into the working world. I needed that boost that Courageous Confidence Club gave me because I started Network Marketing. I knew I had to learn to communicate better, and I had to have more confidence. I saw the course and thought, this would be great. It actually did more than just give me confidence; it helped me understand who I am... Shortly after joining, I achieved the next level in my business.

Cindy Marks

Create the confidence you need to conquer your fears, eliminate self doubt and do the things you dream of!

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  • 4 Free Videos on Creating Your Life by Design
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  • Motivation and Energy On Demand Audio Training and Show Notes
  • How to Crush It & Still Be Happy

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Chalene Johnson

I really wanted to put something together that would change people’s lives. I didn’t want this to be little, I wanted this to be big.”

Chalene Johnson Creator of Courageous Confidence Club

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